60. Spend my 21st in Vegas

Completed: April 29th, 2017

Everyone turns 21. But how many people spend their 21st in Las Vegas? Well, this is exactly what I wanted to do, so bad in fact, I added it to this list! Now, I’m not a big drinker, and I don’t really like to party. So Vegas was an off choice when you look at it.

Though, keep in mind that this list was made a few years ago AND there is more to Vegas than just partying, right? Overall, I had a blast. Sure I didn’t drink ’till I threw up, but I gambled some money away, ate too many burgers AND I did go to a pool party (even if I left early…)



#LifeGoals (formally known as ‘My Bucket List’) is 100 things that I want to eventually do (and vlog) during my time on this beautiful planet. You may notice that some of the things say ‘(again)’ next to them. Those are goals which I have done in the past, but I was too young, or I didn’t vlog it. Each completed goal will link to a blog post with an attached video showing my experience. Here’s the list:

  1. Vlog for an Entire Year
  2. Write A Book
  3. Cosplay at a Convention
  4. Stay at an Apple Store overnight to wait for a new product (COMPLETED 18/09/14)
  5. Visit Google HQ
  6. Ride the KingDa Ka (again)
  7. Ride the London Eye
  8. Be an Extra in a Hollywood film
  9. Compare my ‘guns’ with The Rock
  10. Fly around New York in a Helicopter
  11. Put a Mobile Game on the iOS App Store
  12. Visit Carlos Bakery
  13. Eat at the Original Shake Shack
  14. Break/Set a Guiness World Record
  15. See the White House in Person
  16. Go to a Wawa Convenience Store
  17. Test the Oculus Rift (COMPLETED 06/10/13)
  18. Make a Pillow Fort and Watch all 6 Star Wars movies (Update: Force Awakens now added. Update: Rogue One now added)
  19. Go to a Wrestlemania (again)
  20. See the Northern Lights
  21. Go for a run around the Hollywood sign
  22. Compete in a Food Eating Contest
  23. Go to Vidcon
  24. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  25. Meet David Di Franco
  26. Go to E3
  27. Meet Stan Lee (COMPLETED 13/06/14)
  28. Be on a screen in Times Square
  29. Eat a Hot Dog on the streets of New York City
  30. Watch the Bucket List movie
  31. Go to a FIFA World Cup
  32. Meet Jesse and Jeana (COMPLETED 30/11/13)
  33. Walk a Red Carpet
  34. Ride a Tram in San Francisco (COMPLETED 28/04/17)
  35. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant
  36. Drink Tea in London
  37. Run a Marathon
  38. See Drake live in Concert (COMPLETED 25/02/15)
  39. Go to more than 5 Conventions / Expos in one Year
  40. Go to an American State Fair
  41. Interview a Celebrity
  42. Vlog at every Disney Park around the World: Disneyland✔, California Adventure✔, Magic Kingdom☐, Epcot☐, Hollywood Studios☐, Animal Kingdom☐, Disneyland Paris☐, Hong Kong Disneyland☐, Shanghai Disneyland☐, Tokyo Disneyland☐
  43. Own a Pinball Machine
  44. Go to Vloggerfair
  45. Go to Death Valley
  46. Throw a Murder Mystery Party
  47. Complete the game ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’
  48. Be in a YouTube Documentary
  49. Own a Record Player and Guns ‘n’ Roses on Vinyl  (COMPLETED 29/04/16)
  50. Host a LAN Party
  51. Have a 10 Layer Burger at In ‘n’ Out Burger
  52. Pet a Lion
  53. Livestream my Home Office for 1 Week Straight
  54. Have my own Game Character
  55. Buy a 4K TV  (COMPLETED 28/10/16)
  56. Go Behind the scenes of a Hollywood movie, or TV Show! (COMPLETED 24/04/17)
  57. Go to a midnight screening of a new Star Wars Movie (COMPLETED 17/12/15)
  58. Meet Robert Downey Jr
  59. Go to a BIG Movie Premiere
  60. Spend my 21st in Vegas  (COMPLETED 29/04/17)
  61. Visit one of Heston Blumenthal’s Restaurants
  62. Swim with the Dolphins
  63. Build my own Lego City
  64. Ride an ATV
  65. Go to at least 3 midnight launches in one year! (games, tech, whatever)
  66. Meet Charles Trippy
  67. Celebrate Carnival overseas
  68. Meet Lamarr Wilson
  69. Have a food item named after me
  70. Visit Niagara Falls
  71. Drive a Lamborghini
  72. Visit the set of Big Bang Theory OR How I Met your Mother  (COMPLETED 24/04/17)
  73. Vlog on an Aeroplane
  74. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  75. Give Jerry (Barnacules Nerdgasm) a Giant Man Hug
  76. Verse ChampChong in a game of FIFA
  77. Go to a Superbowl
  78. Play a Poker Machine in Vegas!  (COMPLETED 29/04/17)
  79. Finish Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64
  80. Be on an Episode of Nerdy Nummies
  81. 新しい言語を学ぶ (Learn a new Language)
  82. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  83. Swim with Sharks
  84. Tell John Cena “You Can’t See Me”
  85. Travel Across the USA in a Convertible
  86. Visit Platform 9 ¾
  87. Vlog with iJustine
  88. Sleep in a Penthouse at a top hotel for at least one night
  89. Vlog in Japan
  90. Watch the Olympics Live (again)
  91. Finish the Game ‘Heavy Rain’
  92. Watch the NBA Playoffs Live
  93. Try a secret menu item at Starbucks
  94. Visit Star Wars: Galaxy Edge once it opens!
  95. Sell a photo or painting for more than $100
  96. Visit the Kinda Funny studio!
  97. Go to Africa
  98. Run the Rocky Stairs with my Dad
  99. Take a Spontaneous Trip Overseas to a Random Location
  100. Keep making the list until everything is done

57. Go to a Midnight Screening of one of the New Star Wars Movies #LifeGoals

Completed: December 17th, 2015

When I first added this to my list, I had a few problems. Firstly, no new Star Wars movie were official as of yet.

Luckily enough, soon after the news broke about 3 new Star Wars movies AND 3 spin-offs. This was the best news I could of heard as this gave me 6 opportunities, to watch a new movie at midnight!

However, I wasn’t going to take any chances, as soon as tickets went on sale for ‘The Force Awakens’ I bought a set for the 12:01am session! At the time of buying the tickets I was on a holiday in Bangkok, Thailand so buying the tickets were tricky, but I was still able to get it done!

Even though it was a great time watching the movie at midnight with all the other crazy fans, I probably wouldn’t do it again. I like my sleep too much.

49. Own a Record Player and Guns ‘n’ Roses on Vinyl #LifeGoals

Completed: April 29th, 2016

One thing I am grateful for is my family. No matter what weird decisions I choose in my life, like making a #LifeGoals list, my family is always there to support me.

For my birthday in 2016, my parents helped me tick off #49 from the list by buying me my very own record player and Guns ‘n’ Roses on vinyl.

Check out my video below listening to the Guns ‘n’ Roses vinyl for the first time!

38. See Drake Live in Concert #LifeGoals

Completed: February 2nd, 2015

Opinions aside, Drake was one rapper that I knew would be amazing live. Drake was a bond that my sister and I had together and was the main source of music we’d listen to all the time. When we found out he’d be doing a concert in Sydney, aside from his performance  at Future Music Festival 2015.

I filmed as much as I could, not only to make a vlog from it, but just for my own memories too. It was an amazing night and one that I’ll cherish forever.

32. Meet Jesse & Jeana #LifeGoals

Completed: November 30th 2013

Living in Australia has some benefits, for example, we have pretty good food. However, there are a lot of downsides to living here… We have pretty crap theme parks, every animal wants to kill you and no one famous is bothered to travel this far to get here. So when someone famous does make their way down under, you better best believe anyone and everyone will want to meet them.

This was the turnout when a handful of Americas best YouTube personalities had a meet and greet as part of their Contiki tour. I, along with a group of my friends made our way into the City early in the morning to sit and line up to meet our favorite YouTubers. I was super excited that I was able to finally meet Jesse and Jeana, two vloggers who I had been watching for years leading up.

The experience was amazing, I met a lot of cool people, even just lining up, and I vlogged the ENTIRE thing!

27. Meet Stan Lee

Completed: June 10th, 2014

Meeting Stan Lee is something that I honestly didn’t think would be possible, for a number of reasons. Especially since Stan Lee didn’t do too many meet and greets, especially in Australia. However somehow, someway the Supanova Pop Culture Expo locked in a visit from the man himself for their Sydney show in 2013.

As soon as tickets went on sale, I purchased mine and was ready to meet Stan Lee! While, videotaping my meeting wasn’t actually allowed, I wore a lapel microphone to record any audio, and I was able to get my picture taken to save the memory forever!

17. Test the Oculus Rift

Completed: October 10th, 2013

2013 was a funny year for Virtual Reality. I was really quite young and no one really had been able to get their too much time with it, unless you were a developer. Luckily enough when I added this to my #lifegoals I had no idea I would be able to test it out at that years EB Expo (literally a couple days later). One of the major publishers had a couple of Oculus Rifts set up at their booth, however the line was about 2 hours long.

Fortuantely enough, an Indie Developer had their own Rift set-up for their game ‘Super Mega Mega’. With the help of my friends Jesse and Gabriel, I was able to test the Oculus Rift out, and create the video linked below !

4. Stay at an Apple Store Overnight to Wait for a New Product

Completed: September 18, 2014

It was the first ever time I had lined up for a tech product, and probably my last. At 10:30pm on the 17th of September, my Cousin Michael and I drove to the Apple Store in Penrith to line up for the brand new iPhone 6. When we arrived, we were about 50th in line. Unfortuantely, we were forced to wait outside. This night was particually cold, getting down to around 1 degree Celsius. It was freezing. Luckily enough, we had some funny company and somewhat comfortable chairs to get us through the night.

At about 8am, it started getting exciting as staff were outside talking to us and hyping us up about the brand new phone. The excitement only just started as once we got inside the shopping centre, a couple of new people somehow joined right behind us in the line. After a 5-minute confrontation, security finally through the guys out of the line! Hooray!

By around 9:40am, we were yet to be inside the apple store, even though it had opened at 9am. Once we got near the front, we were told that the iPhone 6 Plus had sold out and there was only the standard size left. I was upset, I waited almost 12 hours for nothing? I knew I wasn’t going home empty handed. I ended up getting a 128GB iPhone 6 to unbox for my channel, being told I had 14 days to bring it back for a full refund.

I learnt my lesson, always order online.